Control your computers with one mouse and keyboard so that you can use your favorite keyboard and mouse across multiple computers.


WFH (work from home) is a norm these days due to the pandemic situation. If you are a developer, there is a high possibility that you are using multiple computers for your work.

You need to switch from one computer to another. It’s a hassle to shift from one set of keyboard and mouse/touchpad to another.


These are:

  1. Hardware KVM switches: These switches provide hardware interfaces for connecting one and mouse and keyboard with multiple computers. The main problem…


Get rid of intrusive ads, online tracking, and protect your computer from malware with a simple setup for all the devices on the home network.


Website ads: Its very annoying to see that many websites (mostly free news websites) are increasingly serving intrusive ads. Not only that, the ads are repetitive and sometimes very displeasing.

Mobile/tablet In-app ads: These ads are not limited to the websites. Open a fairly popular local news app and you will see ads. Many free apps are overloaded with the ads. Not just ads, these apps also track and monitor your searches/uses.

Other Issues:

  • Malware…

Source: https://github.com/chandan-singh/one-on-one/blob/master/README.md Please send pull-requests if you have suggestions to improve.

The one-on-one meetings are vital for organizational growth. Many people-managers overlook the benefits of one-on-one meetings. One of the main reasons is, the manager uses a set of similar 3–10 questions repeatedly. The repetition of questions makes the meeting boring for both, manager and subordinates.

You can easily find many excellent resources and recommendations for the questions that can be used in one-on-ones. Here is the consolidated list of the sample questions which you can readily use in your conversations.

Opening Questions

  • What would you like to focus on at this…

Chandan Singh

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